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Moe’s success with a custom Foursquare

5 octubre 2012

We've worked with Moe's for a while now, but following the industry attention we couldn't help but chime in. One of our latest collaborations with Moe's, their Check-In Club, rewards fans for checking in across social platforms and locations. Launched earlier this summer, we set new standards by creating a nationwide and cross-platform system; users can connect with either their Facebook or their Foursquare accounts and earn "chips" towards prizes every time they check in Moe's over 440 U.S. locations across 34 states.

We kicked things off with the "Take the Queso to the Banko" Sweepstakes, which offered a grand prize of $500 along with five $100 gift cards. Guests earned chips (which are entries into the sweeps) though different forms of engagement, such as sharing the contest link, leaving a tip on Foursquare, or checking in on a double chip day.

“Dozens of social platforms allow brands to reward guests for checking-in, but we worked with Brandmovers, Inc. to create a platform that aggregates check-ins, allows fans to compete nationwide and earn credit no matter which Moe’s they visit,” says Lauren Barash, director of marketing for Moe’s Southwest Grill. “The leaderboard and status levels make it fun for those who enjoy the gaming aspect of checking in, while those seeking recognition and rewards get what they want as well.”

Since launching in late August, the club has seen strong response, particularly in key markets like Florida (nearly 127,000 check-ins to date), Georgia (74,000+) and North Carolina (nearly 52,000). Numbers aside, from the Brandmovers point of view, its digital engagement at its finest. We are connecting targeted customers through multiple platforms and channels, in order to accelerate Moe's business goals.